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Karin Hougaard is regarded as one of the trend-setters of the South African, Afrikaans music and theatre scene. She has been a recording artist since her eighteenth year and has released 13 albums and a handful of CD singles and appeared on a variety of albums as guest artist. There are too many television appearances to list.

As inter-disciplinary artist Hougaard as distinguished herself not only as an award-winning singer, composer and actress, but also as writer. She has published two books of poetry and has been included in various anthologies of short stories. Adding to her talents as painter Karin has also has had numerous very successful one woman art exhibitions.

Karin moved to the United States of America in 2009 and travels between her new home in the USA, South Africa and Europe for performances. As ambassador to Dreamcatcher South Africa, a foundation aimed at changing extreme hardship in communities to a better life and universal harmony for all, Hougaard remains vested in her country of birth. Supporting Dreamcatcher 's vision of working together towards sustainable opportunities for all South Africans, no matter how small the community, encouraging and supporting local entrepreneurs to authentically showcase the immense beauty of our land and its diverse people through tourism. Their ground breaking work is recognised globally as a model for sustainable development and Karin is happy to be part of spreading the message.

In 2020 Karin was incorporated into the South African Legends museum for her contribution to the South African music industry. 

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